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First-Ever Man Up Boot Camp

Wiggins, Mississippi

Coming Soon: The First-Ever Man Up Boot Camp. A week-long Manhood, Diet & Fitness, Mental Resiliency, Character & Integrity School. This is the foundation of the Cohesive Lifestyle Training Program designed to teach fathers and sons to be masters of their own selves - body, mind & soul - to fulfil their God-given calling as men. It includes fitness assessments and fitness program development with an ACE-certified Personal Trainer. It also features extensive nutritional information that cuts through all the media hype. There is no other school like it on the planet.

Man Up Boot Camp Training

Old School Manhood

Manhood is more than shredded abs and smooth pickup lines

Old School Virtues

Manhood is driven by an honorable code

Old School Leadership

Manhood has courage to charge the gates of hell

Diet & Nutrition

To maintain virility a man must eat right and exercise

Brain Health

To maintain a sharp mind it is also important to eat right and exercise

Emotional Resiliency

The modern man must learn to escape the anxiety of this stressful world

Physical Fitness Education

It is important to exercise with proper form in safe progressions

Fitness Assessments

Fitness programs need to be tailored to current fitness levels

Fitness Program Development

Adhering to a good fitness program is life-changing

Why Do I Need Man Up Boot Camp?

America Needs Real Men

The Endangered Species

Real men are a dying breed. The effect this will have on the future of America can not be underestimated. We must act now to begin turning the tide around. Man Up Boot Camp is devoted to empowering men to live a self-determined life of leave behind the apathetic lifestyle of modernity and fulfill their God-given duty to lead, protect and provide. Our country is perishing for lack of backbone and passionate leadership in our families, our churches, and our communities. Will you make a difference? The time has come to decide. You must embrace the iron!

Coming June 2018

Sign up now! Recruit seats are very limited and are on a first-come basis.

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Identifying The Problems

Why Man Up?

Solving Them One Man At A Time

Our Training

The Cripps Factor

Ordinary Men Can Achieve Greater Heights

To The Victors

Graduation Certificate

All recruits will receive a graduation certificate upon successful completion of the Boot Camp. There will be a final exam but it will be verbal with the entire class participating.

Blog Access

All graduates will be granted access to the Blog. Here you will find lecture transcripts, workout routines, nutritional information and more.

Kewl T-Shirt

It is worth the entire endeavor just to be able to don a Man Up T-shirt. These shirts are not available to the general public - only graduates can wear them!

Access To Advanced Courses

Man Up Now will be sponsoring advanced courses to build on the foundation laid in Boot Camp. These will normally be three-day events.

The Fraternal Brotherhood

We leave this training as brothers with a passionate commitment to help each other maintain high standards of manhood.  Ecclesiastes 4:12 states that a threefold cord is not easily broken. We are also told that "iron sharpens iron." Our commitment to one another is to keep our blades as sharp as possible as we navigate through the challenging world that lies ahead.


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