Mission Statement

Man Up Now: defining and refining manhood

America faces an uncertain future. Our culture has shifted from a backbone of healthy, strong, hard-working, productive, brave, and intelligent men to decreasingly insignificant obese, chronically ill, lazy, unproductive, ignorant, cowardly, emasculated boys who never reach manhood.

Our present course leads to rocky shoals destined to dash this foundering ship to pieces. The American economy is failing. Our educational institutions are the joke of first world nations. Our health-care system continues to spiral out of control. Our civil government is composed of self-serving baboons. Our churches are effeminate and ineffective. Our homes are fractured and our boys are “failing to launch.” A growing number of men acknowledge these problems, but have no idea what to do about them.

Man Up Now is both a research and educational organization. Our purpose is:

1. Defining Manhood:

  • to delineate the importance of manhood
  • to understand the causes of the decline in American Manhood
  • to understand the effect of the decline in American Manhood on society: the individual, the family, the church, the business world, the military, and civil government

2. Refining Manhood:

  • to educate and challenge men through “Boot Camps” to be healthy and fit, intelligent and productive, confident and resilient, productive and virtuous leaders of their realm
  • to further educate and challenge our Boot Camp graduates through an exclusive blog

There are many organizations that provide health and fitness boot camps. There are many self-improvement gurus offering motivational seminars. There are countless blogs dedicated to manhood issues, the red pill movement, brain health and aging concerns, digital detox, better parenting, better marriages and sex life, and so forth. It is like the modern health care system where you go here to the cardiovascular doctor, there to the dermatologist, here to the nutritionist, there to the podiatrist. I'm not knocking these various disciplines but sometimes the modern medical profession tends to focus so intensely on compartmentalized things, they seem to forget the interrelationship effect these parts have on the whole. You really wish you could go to one doctor who could address the overall health of your body like the old school doctors could.

Man Up Now is the only organization that provides Cohesive Lifestyle Training. It is a whole mind-body-soul experience addressing what it means to be a real man and how to achieve greater manliness in all spheres of your life, which will have the added benefit of producing a powerful effect on those around you. Our goal is to challenge graduates to:

  • look deep into their soul and find their manhood
  • leave Man Up Boot Camp with a passionate desire to be a better man, a better father, and a better husband – to be the protector, provider and leader of his family as God intended
  • leave Man Up Boot Camp with a desire to maintain a healthy and fit manly body as well as a sharp, confident and resilient mind.
  • leave Man Up Boot Camp dedicated to raising his sons in a manly fashion
The vision of Man Up Now is to change the world…one man at a time.


Man Up Now

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