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Man Up Boot Camp is a one-of-a-kind experience. It takes a "whole lifestyle" approach to manhood. As mentioned in our Mission Statement, there are many organizations that provide health and fitness boot camps. There are many self-improvement gurus offering motivational seminars. There are countless blogs dedicated to manhood issues, the red pill movement, brain health and aging concerns, digital detox, better parenting, better marriages and sex life, and so forth. These serve a useful purpose. However, our approach is to take the entire being: mind, body and soul and demonstrate how the manhood of most Americans has been adversely affected by modern lifestyle norms.

We do this by taking on all of the most important aspects of the modern lifestyle in a single five part program: diet, fitness, manhood in general, brain health, and the newest addiction. This allows us to sidestep the classic mistake of taking one aspect of health, examining it outside of the context of the entire system, and then trying to make sense of the incomplete data. For instance, I know fitness junkies who exercise religiously, yet their diets are awful. They somehow believe a vigorous workout will cover a multitude of sins. On the other hand, I know a lot of people who try to eat healthy, but lead sedentary lifestyles. I even know someone who is dogmatic about choosing soap, shampoos, etc. that are free of chemicals...and yet eats Mrs. Paul's fish sticks over wild-caught cold-water fish. The list goes on. It is not in the best interest of our health to favor one aspect to the detriment of others. We must take them all as a whole, hence COHESIVE Lifestyle Training. Our aim is to make all the parts come together and fit as nicely as a dovetail joint.

A Matter of Perspective

It doesn't take much of an Internet search on manhood to discover the various perspectives: muscles (especially abs), penis-size, pick-up techniques, the party-dawg who can outdrink all his buddies, and so forth. We need to get our perspective right. I recently did a little experiment with my youngest son. We pulled up the 12 most recent editions of several men's health and fitness magazines. EVERY SINGLE ONE of them had an article about abs posted on the cover, along with a photo of some shredded dude. The message set forth is "abs are the essence of manhood." But mountains of muscle does not define manhood. In the Bible, David had no huge physique or manly strength to kill Goliath - he couldn't even put Saul's armor on. But he was a true man and did something no one in the entire army of Israel would attempt, he showed true courage and took on the giant. His victory put the "muscular warriors" to shame.

What about the posters with macho Marines, daring firefighters and wrench-bearing oil rig workers? While these professions are historically filled by men, your job doesn't make you a real man. What about the bikers, the surfers, and the rock climbers. Yes, we love sports and hobbies, but neither do these things, in and of themselves, make you manly. There is more to manhood than all these extrinsic things. Just read our core principles. A real man is made internally. It is an amalgamation of all these diverse principles. Our aim is to take these core principles, add in healthy diet and fitness, add in the ingredients for a healthy brain (critical thinking, good sleep, reduction of stress, etc.), add in more nature time, take away the estrogenic foods and chemicals, moderate technology use, and so forth. This is real deal empowerment (a word rarely used correctly). A man possessing these things is unstoppable. He can blaze his trail in life, achieve legendary exploits, be a hero to his sons (and others), and leave his mark on this world.

As Christians, we believe God made man with respect of persons. He created male and female, physically different, emotionally different, and with different roles in life. Many will call this male chauvinistic. I don't care, your argument is with God, not me. The roles, in a nutshell, assigned to man are pretty simple: provide and protect. Man Up Now exists to equip men, through Cohesive Lifestyle Training, to fulfill their God-given calling and to live a healthy, free, and enjoyable life while doing it.

What We Are Not

Man Up Now will probably be confused with other organizations and websites on the Internet who have noticed the decline of manhood in American men. It is important to note we are not affiliated with any of these groups, or sites. In fact, there are a lot of philosophical differences between us.

1. Haters of Women
Not us! We love our women. We respect and honor our women. This site does not exist as some payback to the feminists. We do not believe the problems we write and speak about are caused by feminists, though the radical feminists certainly do nothing to help. We believe the decline in manhood has to do with fathers, education, environmental estrogens, diet, physical activity, and much more. Besides, we do not believe feminists have "taken" anything from men. We believe men have freely given away much of their God-given responsibilities in this world.

2. Men’s Rights Activists
There are many sites devoted to "Men's Rights." There is even a recent documentary devoted to it called The Red Pill. Interestingly, the woman responsible for it was a femininist before filming, and later came to agree with the MRAs. While we also agree with several points made about paternity issues, adoption issues, custody issues, and various injustices...we find the whole thing to be a bit whiny. Man Up Now will not be among those protesting because there are hundreds of shelters for abused women and only one for abused men.

3. Pick-up Artists
Personally we find the pick-up artist sites to be rather disgusting. For one thing, we are not animals who need to jump on women just as a male dog jumps on a female dog in heat. Secondly, real men do not need gimmicks. These sites attempt to make "alpha males" out of betas. Get real fellas and quit wasting your money on this nonsense. Man Up and become a real man, not some posers that watched some videos and read some books.

Because Winter is Coming!

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