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Please consider sponsoring a young man for Boot Camp

How It Works. Beginning immediately, we will accept applications from young men ages 18-25 who wish to receive a scholarship for Man Up Boot Camp. They will be required to submit essays which we will post on the site. Sponsors can read the essays and choose the individual they would like to sponsor. We also have a general scholarship fund where the individual is chosen by a 3rd-party panel.

Here are the specifics:
Young men ages 18-25 may apply for a Man Up Boot Camp Scholarship by completing the form below. We require only basic information:
  • Your Name
  • Age
  • City, State
  • Contact email address
The applicant must provide two essays which will be posted in our applicant blog. These will be made public. We are not setting any particular word count, but remember you will be chosen based on what you write. It is recommended to spend some quality time in preparation. We reserve the right of refusal to post any essays that are inappropriate or deemed too poorly written.
  • Brief Essay on why you think Man Up Boot Camp is important?
  • Brief Essay on how you think Man Up Boot Camp will help you in your life?
Your essays will be posted with just your first name and State. If someone reads your essays and decides to sponsor your scholarship, you will be notified and asked to write a brief acceptance and thank-you letter to your benefactor. You will be asked to choose a slot in any open camp.

General Scholarship Fund

Donations will be accepted in a general scholarship fund. When the donations reach the level of a scholarship, a 3rd-party panel will immediately choose an applicant and contact him. If you are unable to fully sponsor a scholarship, please consider donating to the general fund.

The cost of each scholarship is $900, the median between an adult fee and the price of father / son fee.

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